Knitted sweater "In the Frosty Day"


The large cozy sweater with norwegian pattern is made of premium class soft and high-quality yarn (alpaca, wool). I needle-knitted the sweater. The sweater is unisex, it's suitable for both men and women.

This sweater is unmatched! It is stylish, loose and warm. Such a thing is essential when the days are getting cold and all of us want to put on something warm and cozy. In this wool sweater you will feel very comfortable yourself and will look so pretty and cute!

The wool sweater has a beautiful calm colour scheme. The classical norwegian pattern of the sweater is combined with aran patterns. I managed to connect a style and practicality in the fascinating norwegian sweater. It will be a worthwhile purchase which give you a joy day by day!

Give yourself such a worthwhile gift!

Size: M-L (it’s a loose cut).

I’m an artist. I have been creating author’s works for more than 45 years. I take my commitments to every work very seriously.

If you have any questions you’ll just ask me and I will answer with pleasure!

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