Knitted Sleeveless Sweater Wool Mohair Deep-Green Vest Pullover Classic Natural Hard-Wearing Comfy Knitwear For Women Autumn Gift Sleeveless


A knitted hand-made sleeveless jacket made of natural high quality wool. Warm, very soft and cozy, with a deep-green colour – it’s a must-have for your wardrobe. 

Classic and at the same time natural colours make this knitted sleeveless all-purpose. It’s perfect for your leisure time: pleasant walkings, meetings with friends, heartwarming tea-parties. At the same time you may put it on to work – the sleeveless is comfy, warm, and hard-wearing. Take it on and you’ll be on top of your game. 

There’s some forest freshness, mystique about this sleeveless. Shades of deep green bring to mind soft-wood forests of Finland with huge firs and pines, on moss growing on the roots of these mighty trees. This vest will give you charm and vividness as if you stroll in magnificent forest!
The knitted vest is made of expensive high-quality yarn with mohair, very soft and sooth to the touch.

Size: M

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