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This crocheted rug is my author’s hand-made work. A fine quality rug of soft classic colors, incredibly nice to the touch, thick and solid. This wool area rug belongs to my new collection Morning in Geneva. This is rich and exquisite decoration for interiors, which will not only please the eye but bring you its soothing vibes.

The calm color range of the rug conveys deliberate, pacific humor. When I was creating it, I was thinking of the lovely ancient square of Bourg de-four, the historical heart of Geneva… with many snug coffee bars and flavor of coffee and hand-made chocolate coming from them. There’s something captivating about sitting in such a coffer bar early in the morning and just watching how life’s waking up in this ancient European city. The same lucid, transparent atmosphere this knitted rug could boast of…

Looks gorgeous, modern-like with a hint of ethnography. It will cheer up you and your beloved ones. The hand-made rug could become a great present for a wedding, anniversary or house-warming. This is a multi-purpose carpet. It looks great on the floor, you also hang it on the wall as a tapestry. This is a genuine decoration for any interiors!

I use fine natural yarn (wool and a little bit of acryl) to make my articles, that’s why they are high quality products. My carpets are long life, they’re warm and sooth to the touch. 

Only the accent rug is for sale.

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