Accent Rug Crocheted Wool Wall Hanging Floor Area Decorative Ethnic Carpet Eco Crochet Home Decor Knitted Home Textile Living Room Throw Rug


The carpet is high quality and very thick. I made it from eco-friendly materials. I use fine natural yarn (wool and a little bit of acryl) to make my articles, that’s why they are high quality products. My carpets are long life, they’re warm and sooth to the touch. The crochet rug is perfect for your living room, bedroom, as well as study room. It looks great on the floor, you can also hang it on the wall as a tapestry. 

Just look at this knitted rug. Dive into its warmth, its mild colours – and you will see endless plains of gold and green… and the Sun flooding its warmth throughout… and silver chirping of grasshoppers… 

The Wild West is the endless plains, freedom, wind and hats with wide flaps hiding from sizzling sun. And people with brave and valiant hearts doing their hard and dangerous work - driving cattle across deserted plains, where one can face red Indians or white bandits. Cowboys will always remain freedom-loving and brave people in our view.

SIZE: 47,2 х 25,2 in (without tassels), 120 x 64 cm (without tassels).

MATERIALS: This is my author’s hand-made work. The carpet is crochet made, 85-90% natural wool, 10-15% decoration high-quality materials chosen according to colour-grade.

Only carpet is for sale.

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