Crocheted Rug Decorative Floor Country Home Decor Eco Wool Wall Hanging Bedroom Living Room Ethnic Knitted Home Textile Plush Crochet Rug


The handmade rug is high quality and very thick. I made this crochet rug from eco-friendly materials. I use fine natural yarn (wool and a little bit of acryl) to make my articles, that’s why they are high quality products. My carpets are long life, they’re warm and sooth to the touch. The knitted rug is perfect for your living room, bedroom, as well as study room.

The carpet “Coming Home” will give joy to you and your family. It looks stylish and modern with a hint of ethnography for those who understand and appreciate it. 

Home coming is the most cherished way… Everything that reminds us home rejoices the cockles of our heart. There are close ones’ smiles in this carpet… There are sunsets, dawns in this carpet… There are tasty coffee in the morning and a cup of green tea in the evening in this carpet… There’s warmth of hearth in this crochet rug… It has everything you imagine when you say “Home”!

SIZE: 46.5 х 24.8 in (without tassels), 118 x 63 cm (without tassels).

MATERIALS: This is my author’s handmade work. The carpet is crochet made, 85-90% natural wool, 10-15% decoration high-quality materials chosen according to colour-grade.

Only carpet is for sale.

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