Quilt Bed Cover Patchwork Quilted Cotton Blanket Queen Size Duvet Bedroom Home Decor Wedding Gift White Pink Comforter Shabby chic Quilt


The rose quilted cotton blanket differs with well-picked colours and is made in shabby chic style. The patchwork blanket looks very cute and will become wonderful interior decoration.

The pink quilt “Roses in the garden” will bring the atmosphere of warmth and coziness to your home. It's also a perfect romantic wedding gift!

Fondly-picked palette. The light quilt is made in pastel pink colours. The palette of this cotton quilt will bring you the feeling of joy and light. It’s just like sunbeams coming to your window to remain with you.

The patchwork quilt is thin, textured, durable with tight, well-made quilting. 

** Let small pleasures make every day nice and all the nice days make the happy life! **

MATERIALS: cotton, sintepon, natural fabrics

SIZE: 78.8 х 66.1 in, 200 x 168 cm.

Only bed cover is for sale.

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